Danny N Marks - Senior Member – Nondestructive Testing

A major brewing company used my ideals to drive an inspection process that I conducted to measure impact for can closure to assist in redesigning of cans to save an estimated 4 million dollars annually in material cost.
Developed, wrote and implemented detailed Nondestructive Testing (NDT) programs for inspection of aerospace products that were proven to substantially save operation costs, reduce man-hours, improve turn time and exceed customer requirements. Examples: (1) Implemented a proven process that reduced waste water disposal cost (used for NDT), by 90%. (2) Driving a team building effort reduced waste of one product (cost $25 each) by 95% by developing a robust ultrasonic technique, prior to this application thousands of these products were rejected due to a poor and inefficient technique that was used. (3) Developed and implemented an Eddy Current technique that identified and located small fatigue type cracks on a major aerospace part that reduced in-service failures by an estimated 95%.
A major NDT Inspection company saved their customers significant cost in material waste and man hours by applying a proprietary Eddy Current inspection I developed. Resulting in less on-site time and increased inspection sensitivity.
With over (35) years in Management and Nondestructive Testing (NDT), plus (15+) years in Quality, developing NDT programs, training, NDT certifications and using six sigma mythology to implement cost saving applications, problem solving, team building and enhance customer satisfaction.

Michael Yu Loon Chan - Senior Member and ipag-Team Leader

A major Industrial Electrical Manufacturing Company used our Lean Enterprise thinking and proven Toyota Production Systems - TPS techniques to drive their company to a World Class Operational Excellence within (3) years. Our staff and I trained/certified (146) Lean Masters in over (36) worldwide sites to achieve this World Class Operational Excellence saving the company over $41 million in (3) years. Countries included USA, Canada, and several countries in Europe, countries in Asia, Dominican Republic and in South America. We combined Six Sigma training for Lean Masters and created Black Belts and Green Belts throughout the Organization both in functional transactional office environments and manufacturing sites.
Another Major Industrial Conglomerate Company used our Lean Enterprise thinking and proven TPS techniques to drive Kaizens into their (350) plants around the world in USA, Canada and Mexico.
A major Automotive and Aerospace Company used our Lean Enterprise thinking and proven TPS techniques to drive Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma into Design and Manufacturing plants in the USA, Mexico, Europe and Asia within (7) years they were the fine example of a World Class Company.