Die Casting Company

James D. Bond - Senior Member

A major Industrial Supply Company used our Lean Enterprise thinking and proven Toyota Production Systems - TPS techniques to drive their company to a World Class Operational Excellence within (4) years. I trained/certified (4) Lean Masters in USA and Canada with savings of 2.3 million over this time. In addition I trained Black Belts and Green Belts throughout the Organization both in functional transactional office environments and manufacturing sites.
I am a contributing author, editor and have written the foreword to an upcoming book “The Lean Practitioner's Field Book” by Charles Protzman, a Shingeo award winner to be released in early 2016.
In a major Food Supply Company, our Lean Enterprise thinking and proven TPS techniques was used to drive Kaizens into their (3) plants in Canada. A food services auditor who reviewed (1) plant commented that it was the best organized and engaged that he had seen on his (28) years in this role.
A major Die Casting Company for the Energy sector used our Lean Enterprise thinking and proven TPS techniques to drive Lean Enterprise in (2) plants in the USA to change the culture and developed structured processes and (3) years later they are approaching World Class in their business sector.