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Carlyle Adams - Senior Member – Energy Reduction Redesign

Case Study Energy Reduction
A major hotel asked that I design a more efficient lighting system from a standpoint of brilliance and power consumption. This involved a design of a fixture, power assembly and new custom lamp.
The SOW called for a system that would give the customer a lamp that would operate cleaner and for a longer period of time without any damage to the lamp assembly as with the previous supplier. After a lamp explosion occurred there was a loss of ($10,000.00) per assembly X 34 fixtures.
I implemented a redesign of the fixture and a new lamp with both lab and field testing, the fixtures were installed at the customer with success (No Explosions over the past ten years and the customer is able to operate the lamps with a 30% increase in run time for a savings of ($150,000.00) / year in spare parts and 15% savings in energy.
This same design was utilized for lighting arrays at other hotels in similar applications and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.