Smart Technology

Carlyle Adams - Senior Member

A major manufacturer of semi-conductors and cleanroom products used our Lean Enterprise thinking and proven Toyota Production Systems-TPS to drive the company to a World Class Status within (2) years at (11) sites around the world. My staff and I trained / certified a key group who traveled to the remote sites in the US / Ireland / Israel & Germany. The customer was able to achieve substantial savings and improve quality. ($32M)
A manufacturer of automobiles achieved substantial savings using Lean Enterprise thinking and proven TSP techniques to drive Kaizens into the plants US and Canada.
A company involving Robotics manufacturing / production, I participated in the retrofitting of an automobile transmission plant which involved robotizing the entire plant to assemble and transport the finished parts to inspection before shipment. The plant runs at a 98% uptime status, with an excellent ROI due to a good balance of human to robot mix.
A company involving Biometrics and High End technology to secure occupants, products, and equipment from intruders and vandalism. Biometric locks / Electronic Locks, CCTV, Ground Radar, Armed Response. With the use of Smart Technology customer will achieve an excellent ROI.
A company involving High End technology for use of monitoring and maintenance of renewable energy and other state of the art installations for power generation and grid balance as well as same for security and vandalism. Good ROI due to uptime and return to online status.
A company involving High End technology for use in Hospitals to track products and patient’s movement. In addition, same technology used for Fire Control and Security. Excellent ROI with regards to patient error and supply chain.
Currently working with a number of clients in the Hospitality and Renewables industry to better their Operational Excellence.
Also assisted Hospitals with Lean Principles in the day to day operation of Emergency and Triage units.

With over (35) years in Operation and Support, (12) years participated as a Leader and Team Member / Trainer in other industries / Nuclear and Steam Generating Power Plants / Emergency Medical Support / Renewable Energy / Cyber