Michael L. Chan

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Michael L. Chan
Team Leader

Lean Enterprise, Six Sigma
and Process Optimization

Executive Summary

  • 39 years experience in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Lean Manufacturing Master, Nissan North America Lift Truck Corporation
  • Director Lean Education, AlliedSignal Aerospace (Honeywell)
  • Director Lean Enterprise Rockwell Automation Inc.
  • VP of Manufacturing Sino Swearingen
  • Lean Focus LLC – President and Owner
  • Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma Expert World Wide Deployments (20 years)
  • Management and Engineering experience (19 years)

Industrial Experience


  • Nissan Lift Trucks N/A & USA
  • AlliedSignal Heavy Duty Truck Brake Systems
  • Turbo-Chargers World Wide, SPX Corporation USA


  • AlliedSignal (Honeywell) World Wide
  • Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation USA
  • Hawker Beech Craft USA


  • Carrier Corporation World Wide


  • Kraft Foods World Wide


  • Motorola USA
  • Emerson USA and Mexico
  • Rockwell Automation World Wide


  • Break Through cost savings (Multi-Million US Dollars impact)
  • Certified Lean Masters (146) World Wide at Rockwell Automation Corporation
  • + 100 Kaizen Events World Wide
  • + 50 Plant Site Assessments
  • + 50 Value Stream Mapping events
  • + 146 Lean Masters Certified World Wide